• Our Embroidered Manes are the perfect addition to any of our large stockings or decorative pillows. This unique custom extra is hand embroidered in your choice of five different mane colors. Choose from our four mane styles - Hunter Braids, Button Braids,Banded Braids (Choice of bow color determines color of bands) or  Loose Mane.    
  • Leg Feathers


    Add our Leg Feathers to complete the look of your draft or baroque breed!

  • Special Coloring and Markings are our favorite custom extra! These extras  make every item truly unique and as true to life as possible. Special Coloring - This includes roans, dapples, fading and flea bitten greys and  less typical colors. We do our best to match your specific equine with a combination of  one basic coat color and hand painted accent colors. Choose the coat color that best matches your horse's main color then email me a photo and I'll figure out the rest! Markings -

    This includes a combination of stars, strips, snips, socks and then paint/pinto markings. Please keep in mind that only markings on the right side of the horse will be visible as the image is basically just a silhouette. Be sure to email me a photo that shows the markings on your horse's right side for accuracy. I do my best to recreate markings with hand painting.

    If you are ONLY interested in a star/blaze, you DO NOT need to order this extra. But please do tell me at checkout that you would like a star/blaze.