Special Coloring and Markings are our favorite custom extra! These extras  make every item truly unique and as true to life as possible.

Special Coloring –

This includes roans, dapples, fading and flea bitten greys and  less typical colors. We do our best to match your specific equine with a combination of  one basic coat color and hand painted accent colors. Choose the coat color that best matches your horse’s main color then email me a photo and I’ll figure out the rest!

Markings –

This includes a combination of stars, strips, snips, socks and then paint/pinto markings. Please keep in mind that only markings on the right side of the horse will be visible as the image is basically just a silhouette. Be sure to email me a photo that shows the markings on your horse’s right side for accuracy. I do my best to recreate markings with hand painting.

If you are ONLY interested in a star/blaze, you DO NOT need to order this extra. But please do tell me at checkout that you would like a star/blaze.