Ultimate Side Reins are a quality, custom product designed to improve performance, enhance appearance and empower the equine athlete.

Proper use of side reins can really help a horse develop the strong back, haunches, and neck that he needs to carry a rider’s weight safely.”  The Thinking Equestrian ~Denise Cummins, PhD


Ultimate Side Reins are a custom training aid that combine the benefits of both European balancing, sliding side reins and Vienna reins.

Used for centuries by the teachers of classical riding as the foundation of training, lunging in side reins can benefit every horse regardless of it’s chosen discipline. Whether a horse is destined to event, barrel race, fox hunt, perform dressage or show jump, a strong topline and well developed haunches are a must.  When properly used, side reins can assist in building muscle and creating elasticity as well as help a horse learn to –

  • accept contact
  • trust and seek consistent contact
  • engage it’s hindquarters
  • round it’s back
  • work long and low
  • avoid learning to lean on the reins
  • build a topline
  • achieve self-carriage

Ultimate Side Reins are perfect for starting, refreshing or retraining. In order to offer a truly custom item, our side reins come in several sizes and are easy to order

Medium – 83.5″

Regular – 87.5″

XLong – 91.5″